The number of individuals in Covington, Louisiana that are struggling with alcoholism has steadily begun to increase over the last several years; this has created the need for more quality alcohol addiction rehab treatment options to be available in this area. We are here for the sole purpose of helping individuals from Covington, Louisiana with an alcohol addiction to find a quality Alcohol Treatment Center for their alcoholism problem.

There are a variety of different reasons why an individual from Covington may turn to alcohol, including depression, low self esteem, peer pressure, poverty, physical or sexual abuse and environmental factors. When an individual from Covington makes a habit of turning to alcohol for any of these reasons, they are increasing the likelihood that they will struggle with alcoholism and that they will need an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Facility.

The reason that it is so important for an individual from Covington, LA. to reach out to an Alcoholism Treatment Center at the first sign of an alcohol addiction is because of all of the problems that are associated with alcoholism such as domestic problems, an increase in the likelihood of automobile accidents, and reduced mental judgment and lower inhibitions. Additionally, an individual from Covington, Louisiana with an alcohol addiction may experience a number of health problems as a result of their alcoholism such as liver damage, eye problems, and digestive disorders.

The best possible solution for an individual in Covington that has an alcohol addiction is to seek an Alcoholism Rehab Facility for their alcoholism problem. Most people in Covington, Louisiana with an alcohol addiction will not be able to stop drinking without professional help; trying to quit by themselves numerous times has often been the catalyst that motivates an individual that suffers with alcoholism towards seeking treatment.

Alcohol detox is the first step in rehab that will be administered in a Covington Alcohol Rehab Program. An individual that is in detox for alcoholism can begin to experience moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms within several hours of their last drink; for this reason, an individual from Covington with an alcohol addiction should always have professional supervision during this difficult process.

The various Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Programs in Covington that are available to treat individuals with alcoholism problems include holistic rehab treatment, outpatient alcohol addiction treatment or counseling, and residential inpatient rehab treatment, just to name a few. The objective of any type of quality Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Program should all be the same; to help the individual from Covington to get to the point where can get sober and remain that way.

Getting help for an individual in Covington, LA. that is struggling with alcoholism is easy; pick up the phone and call us; you can speak to an addiction counselor who cares and can offer immediate help.

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  • The United States has implemented the strictest youth drinking laws in the Western world, including the highest minimum drinking age in the entire world.
  • What does moderate drinking mean? There is no one definition of moderate drinking, but generally the term is used to describe a lower-risk pattern of drinking. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, drinking in moderation is defined as having no more than 1 drink per day for women and no more than 2 drinks per day for men. This definition is referring to the amount consumed on any single day and is not intended as an average over several days.
  • Today, nearly 10.8 million youth ages 12 to 21 are underage drinkers, according to a recent government study related to alcohol consumption.
  • Cognitive performance is less affected by alcohol exposure in infants and children whose mothers quit consuming alcohol in early pregnancy, despite the mothers' resumption of alcohol use after giving birth.
  • AA Meetings in Covington, LA.
  • Mount Angel Group
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  • Christ Episcopal Church
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  • St. Tammany Parish Hospital
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    Wed., 6:00 PM

  • The Back Porch
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